We can advise and assist if your Landlord has threatened you with eviction, or has started Court Proceedings against you, if you have a defence to the claim. In these cases it is important to seek advice and assistance as early as possible. In some cases it might be possible to persuade the landlord, whether private sector, a local authority or a housing association, not to go ahead with the claim.

Alternatively we may be able to represent you in defending the claim for possession and if appropriate, to bring a counterclaim against the landlord, perhaps based on disrepair at your home or failure on the part of the landlord to comply with the tenancy deposit requirements where a private sector tenancy has required the payment of a tenancy deposit.

The law was changed in 2015 so that some tenants faced with eviction by their landlords as a result of having complained about the state and condition of their home may have a defence based on the fact that the threatened eviction is “retaliatory”. This is something we may be able to assist with.